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Omega Racer is a webstore built for the customisers, modders, builders and destroyers of the motorcycle world.

We love bikes, we love the custom scene, and we love getting stuck into ripping something apart and putting it back together better than it was.

If you're like us, our store is for you.


Update 25. June

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Get the coolest and most exclusive parts for the Yamaha SR400 and SR500, the XS650, the Triumph Modern Classics, the Honda CB750 and the Kawasaki W650 here. We want to become the best source for custom parts on the web, so give us a hand and let us know what you want, and we'll give a damn good go at getting it for you.


Return of  the Cafe Racers Testimonial

"The Omega Racer fairing is a work of art that’s made from 2mm alloy sheet shaped to replicate the look of a 70s Ducati 900SS… the Omega Racer fairing has given my Kawasaki cafe racer more of a classic race bike look which I love."

Pipeburn Testimonial

"…But if the body work is brilliant it’s all the little touches that take it to the next level, as it might be race inspired it still needs the quality finish to serve as a rolling advertisement for Omega Racer."

Bonnefication Testimonial

Very Nice”

"The quality of the Classy looks good and is covered with a reputable brand of artificial leather. The base appears to be well made as are the front and rear mounts though the bolts are not pretty but who’s looking. The seat has an attractive overall shape and looks great on the bike."