About Omega Racer


'Omega Racer Parts' is a dream made reality.


I've been a lifelong motorcycle enthusiast with a passion for the unconventional: sleek cafe racers, stylish bobbers and purposeful trackers are just some of my addictions. 

My first impulse was to share this passion with others. That's when I created Omega Racer (the blog), where I share thoughts about life in Thailand, articles, pictures, videos and news, with other bike addicts like me.

This website is the natural continuation of that drive. It was made by bikers, for bikers.

Language is not a barrier: I speak German, Italian and English fluently, I understand a fair amount of Spanish and know enough Thai to get around. For all other languages, Google will have to do.

Have a look around and enjoy your stay!

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Omega Racer subscribes to Ethical Business, because I believe that people come before profit. It's a win-win situation really: you get great deals and I keep my karma happy. :-)

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