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Bike Model: Harley Davidson

A couple of our Harley riders and their custom parts from Omega Racer.

1275 c.i. Sportster by Carl Somerlock

Carl’s work in progress. A turbo is next. WOW

Harley Sportster Custom Tank | Mugello Aluminium Fuel Tank | Omega Racer
Harley Davidson Sportster | Aluminium Cafe Racer Fairing | Omega Racer

HD by James Twigg

Awesome Harley Cafe built by James Twigg. We love it!

HD 2000 XL1200 by Jim Twigg

Not quite finished, but nearly there. Jim’s bike looks already brilliant with our Big Fairing, Norton tank and aluminium seat cowl.

Sportster by Ross Martin

The Omega Racer Mugello tank fits the Sportster like a well-fitting glove, almost as if it were made for it. 😉

HD Sportster by Aaron Brode

A beautiful example of a 2016 Sportster cafe racer….clean, essential, to the point. We love it!

HD Sportster by Jeremiah Wroblewski

Jeremiah built this stunning racer using our big fairing and Norton tank. We don’t know where he got that seat cowl, but we love that one too. 😉

Sportster by Naoki Tsunoo

Naoki San went to great lengths to get his project just right. For the cherry on the cake, we built this modified “Road Racer” tank to which he added his personal touch. The result is a very unique and personal Sportster. Great job!

HD Sportster by Frank Degen

Here is the epitomy of a Cafe Racer: essential, simple, lightweight, to the point.

To say “function over form” would not be quite accurate though…

The Omega Racer hand-beaten aluminium tank “Mugello” and the aluminium seat cowl are a perfect example of “Function meets form”!

We congratulate the owner, Frank Degen, for completing his project, and we’re happy to have lent a hand in the process.


HD Sportster – Aluminium Seat Cowl


2018 HD Sportster Roadster by Wesley Verstaen

Another very special HD mounting our Mugello tank. Wesley did an outstanding job on his bike and we’re glad we could help out a little.

Harley Davidson Sportster by Joseph Ryall

Joseph approached us for a custom made aluminium tank for his Sportster 883. We did our best to materialize the vision he had for his bike. Judging from his feedback, we think we did well.



I’d like to say a very big thank you for the Harley 883 tank I bought. It was a while ago, and before you started offering them on your website. The team at Omega Racer were nothing but helpful during the back and forth emails with measurements and requirements. The result was a tank that fits as good as it looks, right down to the petcock being in exactly the same place and the handlebars not touching the tank dimples. It gets compliments everywhere I go.

With thanks,

Scott McKee's Harley from Heaven

It’s my first motorcycle build of any kind. I’ve always loved cafe racers since I was back in high-school (2004) and a local shop, Exotics Inc, spent some time building a couple custom cafes. That was the first I’d ever seen something like that. I actually own a 79 gs750 cafe, I love cafe lines and the overall look. Most of my motorcycle life has been spent on modern sport bikes. I love the aggressive styling. As of late, I don’t have the desire to burn up the track like I used to, so I bought a little Sportster Bobber. I love the raw sound of the Vtwin and the customization that comes with a Harley! During Covid lock down I was in my garage and was thinking…man, if I could have a bike that had that old cafe look, aggressive and clean like a sport bike, and with that raw vtwin rumble…. so I looked for another sportster and decided to make just that.

Again, never built a bike before. My dad Ron McKee has owned a paint and body shop in Winston Salem NC for nearly 40 years, so I’ve seen alot of cool stuff and had access to see alot of cars and motorcycles come together in their final stages. In the past few years my dad and I started a Modified Stockcar racing team “McKee Motorsports” building, operating and maintaining open-wheel race cars powered by Chevrolet 350 engines. Building those really gave me the confidence to say, “I can take on a bike”. (I added the 09 to the bike as thats the number on the race car!)

In my day job I’m a telecommunications district manager, so this was going to be a spare time thing. I just spent a few hours a night, tinkering in the garage from May until October, building exactly what I wanted, no corners cut.

Read the full article on RETURN OF THE CAFE RACERS!

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