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 A fantastic resource for all Yamaha enthusiasts. If you're just here for the manual, please at least spread the love and send us a like :) 
 Yamaha SR Specific  
 The Ultimate Yamaha SR, XT and TT 500 Owners Workshop Manual PDF Download 
 Yamaha SR500 Service Manual with maintenance guides (Eng/De/Fr)
PDF Download
 Yamaha SR500 Parts Catalog PDF Download
 Carburetor Guide for 1978/79 SR500 - Mikuni VM34SS External Link 
 SR500 Basic Wiring Loom                             *(via Rex's Speed Shop) External Link 
 SR500 Basic Wiring Loom With Indicators         *(via Rex's Speed Shop) External Link 
 SR500/400 Ignition Testing Guide                   *(via Rex's Speed Shop) External Link 
 Yamaha SR500 blueprint (useful when selecting new paintjob) External Link 
 Yamaha SR Genuine Parts Catalogue (US Version) External Link 
 Yamaha SR Owner's Manual in Japanese         External Link 
 SR Manual in Swedish External Link 
 Yamaha SR500 papercraft model External Link
 Yamaha XT Specific  
 Yamaha XT500 Manual in German External Link 
 Yamaha XT500 Genuine Parts Catalogue

PDF Download

 General Yamaha SR & XT  
 Fault Finding Chart for Motorcycle Electrical Systems PDF Download     
 Very detailed German FAQ and modifications How-To's External Link 
Honda CB750  

Honda CB750 Service Manual and other Assorted Bits.

(Thanks to AshimotoK0 on for putting it all together)

PDF Download
Kawasaki W650  
W650 Service Manual PDF Download
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