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  1. NEW! Yamaha SR aluminium seat cowl

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    We are proud to present the latest addition to our already very presentable line-up.

    After a bit of development work, here is the new Omega Racer aluminium seat cowl, custom made for the Yamaha SR400 (old and new) and SR500. This cowl is a straight replacement for the OEM seat and doesn't require any modifications to the subframe. So it's just bolt on and go!

    We have two versions to match both standard length tanks and extra long tanks.

    Yamaha SR Seat Cowl

    As you can see from the pics, it looks awesome when coupled with one of our aluminium fuel tanks and side covers.


    yamaha sr aluminium seat cowl (10)

    yamaha sr aluminium seat cowl (17)

  2. New parts for Honda CB750

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    Omega Racer is proud to open a new chapter in the shop's history, introducing a few (for now) gorgeous parts for the iconic Honda CB750 SOHC.

    These parts are made of high quality aluminium billet alloy and CNC machined into the perfect addition to your CB project.

    A new handcrafted aluminium tank for the K model is in the works, too!


    Alternator Cover

    honda cb750 alternator cover (2)


    Breather Cover

    honda cb750 breather (1)


    Clutch Cover

    honda cb750 clutch cover (1)


    Points Cover

    honda cb750 points cover (10)


    Starter Cover

    honda cb750 starter cover (2)