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  1. Project SUNMASTER 14

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    This is the very first post of what will be a pretty long thread. This is the beginning of a new adventure.

    This is SUNMASTER 14.


    Sunmaster 14 is the name of my new SR love child. The name comes from a character the Isaac Asimov science fiction series "Foundation". Ironically, in juxtaposition to his grandiose name, Sunmaster 14 is a person of rather understated qualities. I immediately loved the name and the stark contrast it highlighted and I made a mental note to use that name some time in the future. Skip 5 years forward to the present.

    I won't give away all the details of my new bike for 2 reasons. First of all, it is still mainly in my head, so things can change pretty fast once you try to put your ideas into practice. Second, I believe the project should be a step-by-step discovery for you as it is for me.

    This will be the first time I single handedly build a bike from scratch. That means stripping my beloved street tracker to the bare bones and rebuidling it following a completely new concept. I will share my frustrations as well as my little triumphs, so as to give an insight to the novice builders like me, to what it means building a bike. The more expert builders among you will probably face-palm themselves pretty often. Please forgive my ignorance, I'm still learning.

    Sunmaster 14 will follow a short list of guidelines:

    - sleek, essential design

    - form follows function, but form is still important

    - SM14 will be inspired by the past, with small and unintrusive hints to the present

    - most importantly: SM14 will not be a CAFE Racer! Verily I say unto you, Sunmaster 14 will take out the 'cafe' from the 'Cafe Racer'!