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SR500 Street Tracker

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One of our customers, Gian Luigi from Italy, found a very nice Yamaha SR500 in Germany and brought it all the way back to Rome where he lives to begin his build. Once in Rome, he skillfully transformed it from a quiet thumper, into a stunning street tracker that kind of evokes the Ducati Scrambler of days past.

Going for a particular look, Gian decided to highlight the aluminium craftsmanship of his tank, and go with a simple 1 colour accent on the tank, seat cowl and headlight.

sr500 street tracker gian luigi

For his project he used the Omega Racer SPORT aluminium tank, the aluminium side covers, a front fender, an exhaust pipe and the unique "The Sports" seat cowl, all provided by us. One of his friends made a pair of fiberglass 'skirts' to fit on the underside of the tank, so that its lines would converge with those of the seat cowl, an awesome job he did, too!

sr500 gian luigi rome (4)

Overall the look of the bike is very unique, with the metallic lime green accent really giving it road presence. The lower parts of the bike, including the clutch cover and exhaust painted black help to draw the eye away from the complexities and up towards the combination of aluminium and painted fibreglass, where the lines of the bike are highlighted.

The bike looks very clean and purposeful and we think Gian Luigi did a great job!


 sr500 gian luigi rome (2)

sr500 gian luigi rome (3)

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