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  1. You love your SR of course, you dream about her, you think about her all the time, right? So do I.

    That's why I also collect everything that has to do with the SR. I've been searching the web for a cool SR keyring without avail, so I decided to make my own. I found the tank models in resin first and then got them chrome plated to give them a more refined look.

    Currently there are only 5 keyrings available in either silver or black color. At only $12.90 I expect them to go very quickly.

    Hope you like them!

    yamaha sr keyring (1)

    yamaha sr keyring (2)

    yamaha sr keyring (5)

    yamaha sr keyring (6)

    yamaha sr keyring (7)

  2. There have been mounting rumours, confirmed in part by Triumph Thailand, that the whole line-up will undergo a drastic price reduction. Some even in the range of 200.000Baht (around 6.300$) due to a change in marketing policy.

    Triumph is not giving out any details yet, but has promised to release the new price list during the opening of this year's Bangkok Motor Show in Muang Tong Thani (29 November - 10 December).

    The Omega Racer team will be there of course and give you all the details with lots of pictures. 

    Stay tuned!