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  1. It appears that Ducati will build the new and long awaited Scrambler in both Italy and Thailand, which is great news. That means it won't be hit by the usual monstrously high import tax. Ducati says it will be an affordable new bike, cheaper than the Monster. Nice.

    Over the past few years, there have been various attempts to predict the design, taking a few 'spy' photos as starting point.

    I really hope it will keep the original spirit of the 70s with classic round headlight and a nice aluminium tank. There are more than  enough futuristic looking bikes out there.

    The original Scrambler 450


    The spy shot


    One very nice version...


    A version with a single cylinder.


    Not bad!



    And the latest offering, from CycleWorld. Not bad, but a definitely not a Scrambler...


  2. A customer sent me these pictures of his current built: a mean Honda CB500, sporting our aluminium fairing which he fitted with only minor adjustments.

    Pretty cool me thinks and I can't wait to see the end result!


    The asked for the fairing to be without the light opening, so that he could fit his headlight off center. Nice!