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  1. If you're like me and like to go out for long rides, you -like me- must have wondered what it would be like if you had a fairing protecting you from the elements. Not everybody likes the cafe racer style, so a 1/4 or 1/2 fairing would be out of discussion.

    Now, for all of us that prefer a relaxed upright seating position, as well as a minimum of wind protection, here is our new shield for your Yamaha SR. In my opinion, this shield perfectly balances form and function: it is big enough to give a good wind protection, but at the same time not too big to look out of place and ruin the beautiful lines of the SR that we all love so much.

    Check at the product page for more information:

    shield 2

  2. Yamaha SR Dieselpunk

    While many of our parts go towards the creation of personal takes on popular styles of bikes; street trackers, café racers, and bobbers, occasionally a builder comes along to create something different; something amazing. Not to take anything away from those just looking to spruce up their bikes with shiny bits of aluminium, but to make a unique machine that truly stands out, you have to be prepared to push the boundaries.


    Christian Schwarzenlander contacted us April 2013 inquiring about Omega Racer supplying him with a custom fairing for an upcoming build. It was interesting for us as it was the first time somebody had asked for a fairing without a headlight cutout. After a few emails back and forth, the idea was set in motion.

    He eventually went on to order an aluminium tank and a set of engine cooling fins with the fairing and we set to work.  

    A few weeks later the fairing was ready and sent out to him in Austria.


    Yamaha SR Dieselpunk


    Christian finally finished his project a short while ago and it’s been the talk of the custom café racer scene since. An awesome take on the dieselpunk style, Christian’s bike seamlessly combines the classic wheels of the SR, painted in bronze, with a modern, custom fairing and a sleek tank and seat cowl to create a machine that looks like something from an alternate future. The lines of the bike flow almost akin to the style of famous Japanese bike builder Shinya Kimura; though in truth the modification of the fairing and seat are purely the work of Bernhard Naumann, a very well-respected bike builder also hailing from Austria who helped Christian with the build.

    Yamaha SR Dieselpunk

    As a finished article it looks amazing; an inspiration for all bike builders worldwide. Personally, we wouldn’t change anything. The Yamaha SR really lends itself well to creative minds with its versatility, and this is highlighted no better than the ExesoR Machine here. Hat’s off to you, Christian.

    Yamaha SR Dieselpunk

    Yamaha SR Dieselpunk

    Visit Christian at: ExesoR Motorcycles

    Photography by David Joseph Matl

  3. It's brand new, ...the video, not the bike. The bike's been around for 35 years, the video has been published today. It shows an idyllic riding atmosphere in the north of Thailand, among hilltribes and mountains.
    Watching the video makes one want to leave everything behind and move to Thailand, just to buy a 2014 Yamaha SR400, and start exploring what this beautiful country has to offer.

    What are you waiting for? Come and join the club!


    Watch on Youtube