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  1. Dear Customers,

    We are always working hard to provide the best service for you and the best parts for your bike. 
    To ensure that we keep the highest standard in our business, we are now focusing on reorganizing and restructuring the shop. 
    We have many new parts lined up, but before we can grow any further, we have to make sure that our foundations are solid enough to support this growth.
    We apologize in advance if you experience delays or any other issues this might cause.

    Markus Pintzinger

  2. Want to build the bike of your dreams but not sure where to start or who to ask?

    Why not go to a professional shop and let them do it for you? The shop might be just around your corner!

    Now it's easier than ever to find these shops, thanks to Geoff from 'Return of the Cafe Racers', who put a lot of work in compiling a map and database with over 200 of the best motorcycle custom shops worldwide.

    Check it out here!


    This is a great resource for both builders and enthusiasts, but left us scratching our head for one reason only:
    Why has nobody thought about it sooner?!?

  3. I would like to apologize on behalf of the Omega Racer Team if the email response time is not what it used to be. We now get about 2 dozens inquiries every day, many of those requesting special parts or modifications to existing parts. 
    Regardless, we're always trying to answer every email as promptly as possible.

    Thank you for your understanding.