Guide to Shortening Your Rear Fender

How-To: Shortening your rear fender

I have wanted to replace my stock front and rear fenders with some shorter cafe ones for some time now. Last weekend I finally found a nice, used K&H stainless steel front fender for about $50 in Bangkok, but finding a shortened rear fender for anywhere near an acceptable price was nigh-on impossible. So I decided to customise my own.

Here’s how I did it.

Original Rear Fender

A close-up view, below, the fender is held into place by 4 bolts, 2 near the shocks and 2 near the turn signals. You’ll have to cut right between the ‘shock bolt’ and the ‘signal bolt’ and the move the ‘signal bolt’ back to the ‘shock bolt’.

Rear Fender Close Up

Here’s a mock-up before cutting, the ‘signal bolt’ is now where the ‘shock bolt’ was.


Find the cutting line. The cutting line is basically where the fender touches the black plastic (on the right in the picture). Draw a line using marker pen, or electrical/masking tape, and cut to that line with an angle grinder.


You’ll then also have to re-position your back light, which means drilling a few holes in the fender and re-connecting the cables. To do that you can make a template up with masking tape based on the previous holes, then stick it in the desired place and drill.


And the finished article…

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