Welcome to Omega Racer 2.0!

We at Omega Racer would like to extend our most heartfelt welcome to all motorcycle enthusiasts looking to transform their bikes. As incorrigible bike nuts ourselves, we know all too well that you have a clear idea of how your bike should look and perform and that you spend sleepless nights thinking about that next part you “really really need” for it.
That’s why we created Omega Racer.

We’ve come a long way… From 2011, when we first started the Omega Racer blog, armed with only a 10″ netbook and lots of ideas, the main focus was on the Yamaha SR400, but we quickly expanded to include other modern classics such as the Kawasaki W and Triumph Bonneville range. We’ve built a few bikes as side projects which have gathered international attention, being featured in several high profile magazines and online websites. Sunmaster14 even managed to win a prestigious custom bike competition, which makes us particularly proud. From humble beginnings as a “one-man band”, Omega Racer has now expanded to a team of 5 highly motivated and passionate individuals. We always strive to give outstanding customer service with a personal touch, because we know that customizations need time and attention to get just right.

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we came up with a few juicy news. For one, this very website. It took us almost a year to plan, design and build the new “omegaracer 2.0” version, which has lots of new features: an easy ‘parts search’ based on your bike model, clearer customization options, a faster, more responsive framework and a more streamlined UI. We’ve also included a new reward system, allowing you to earn points every time you place an order or review a product. Once you reach 500 points, we will award you with a 25$ voucher. We hope you will enjoy surfing the site.

We also build a new bike as a testament to this important milestone. It’s based on a humble 1982 Kawasaki AR80 that we got for less than 100$. To be honest, customizing this bike doesn’t make much financial sense. We doubt anyone will order a hand-crafted aluminium tank for 700$, but for us it was not about making money. It was a matter of the heart, and there is no reasoning with the heart. We named the bike Cavalleggero, which means Light Cavalry in Italian. Being such a lightweight and also rather light in the horsepower department, we thought it was a fitting name for it. As it happened with Sunmaster14, Cavalleggero also featured in some of the biggest bike blogs and magazines, such as BikeEXIF, Return of the Cafe Racers and Pipeburn.

What to expect in the future?
We are committed in delivering only the best parts available in Thailand and give outstanding customer service, so this will not change. We will continue to expand our parts and bike offerings, especially for the BMW and Royal Enfield. A new range of Omega t-shirts and other goodies are also in the works. There are already talks about a new project bike, so stay tuned!

Last but definitely not least, we would like to thank all our past customers who supported us along the way and all new customers who choose Omega Racer to fulfill their customization dreams. We appreciate every single one of you! If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to make Omega Racer better, we certainly would love to hear from you.

Wish you all happy wrenching and safe rides!

The Omega Racer Team

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