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I created this little blog as a tribute to my passion and love for the great world of motorcycles and as a way to promote the unique freedom that motorcycling can give.
I’m the very proud owner of a 1998 Yamaha SR400 since February 2011. It was almost stock when I bought it but has since undergone a few changes. A new megaphone exhaust replaced the old battered one, a cafe-style seat, battery, gold anodized aluminium sprocket plus chain and some other bits and pieces were the first things I replaced.
A problem I had from the beginning was that it was very loud…I mean, veeery loud! Some people don’t mind having a thunderstorm under their ass, but I do. And I do care about having to give money to the police for that.
So, that went on my to-do list.
Another problem was that my bike would use far too much gas, indicating a very rich air-fuel mixture. Fortunately, my carb was pretty old and beyond repair and that gave me an excuse to get a very nice Keihin CR38 Special, much to my wife’s despair. hehe
Anyways, replacing the carb made a great difference and amazingly (for me) even solved the loud exhaust.

My precious is still a work in progress and I just love dreaming up new ways to make it even more special.

‘Till the next one!

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