Yamaha SR400/SR500 Parts

Click here for an introduction to the new 2014 Yamaha SR.

The Yamaha SR400/SR500 was first developed after the success of the XT in the late-70s, when Yamaha realized that it had hit something special with their short-stroke 87mm x 84mm engine. After the hit of the XT, Yamaha decided to make a street version, with some small changes over the XT purely for optimization for the new model.

In came an automatic decompression release, larger valves over the XT and bigger engine fins. Yamaha also designed a new frame and went with the ethos ‘beauty in simplicity’, and decided against adding chrome and any superfluous additions to maintain this.

The result was a machine that was loved from the moment it was released. A bike that is durable, handsome, easy to maintain, easy to ride, and purposeful. The SR500 is a bike for bike enthusiasts; simple, yet extremely effective.

At Omega Racer, the Yamaha SR400/SR500 is our speciality. Combining classic looks with a fantastic thumper engine and such a huge diversity of customisation possibilities, the Yamaha SR lends itself to the motorcycle modding scene with ease. Take a look though our bespoke parts for the SR400 and SR500, and if there’s something specific you’re after that is missing, send us an email and maybe we can source it for you!