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Bike Model: Yamaha

All our Yamaha owning customers showing off their custom parts from Omega Racer.

SR400 by Panos Petrakis

Here is Panos’ SR400 with our “Solitude” aluminium tank. The cool paint job is his work…we only supply tank in polished or brushed finish.

SR500 by Dieter Barth

Dieter built this killer SR, finding the perfect balance between performance and old school essentialism. We think it’s absolutely perfect.

SR500 by Al Navecki Jr

Al was rewarded with a trophy for his custom built SR500. Among others, Al chose our Bean tank and the prototype version of our very popular Scrambler exhaust to make his SR unique.

SR400 by Yoshida Jun

Old school SR cafe racer by Mr Yoshida Jun in Japan. Soon to be complemented with an aluminium seat cowl!

SR400fi by Dave Sansom

“The look I wanted. Surprisingly comfortable. Perfect fit”

SR400fi by Alvin Juban

This nice SR400fi is fitted with one of our comfortable Touring (Black Edition) seats.

SR400 by Luke Carson

Here is a great special, built by Luke Carson. Luke asked us to make a new tracker seat cowl for his project. We built this sleek “SpeedTrack” aluminium cowl and paired it with a Monza tank.

Yamaha SR400FI by Roberto Tinta

Roberto is an SR enthusiast in Italy. He sent us these cool pictures of his recently finished SR, sporting one of our Scrambler FI seats.

Gian Luigi's Sport SR

For his project Gian Luigi from Italy used the Omega Racer SPORT aluminium tank, the aluminium side covers, a front fender, an exhaust pipe and the unique “The Sports” seat cowl, all provided by us. One of his friends made a pair of fiberglass ‘skirts’ to fit on the underside of the tank, so that its lines would converge with those of the seat cowl, an awesome job he did, too!

Yamaha SR – Aluminium Side Covers “Special” 

Yamaha SR – Header Pipe – Standard



David Powell's SR Project

David Powell sent us some pictures of his completed Yamaha SR project, a very neat bobber/scrambler/brat. Whatever you want to call it, one thing is sure: it’s finger-licking good!

On this bike, David used a pair of small aluminium side covers and modified them to accomodate the relocated ignition key.

Yamaha SR400 by Arden Fiegert

Arden build this very unique SR in Australia, using a few Omega Racer parts in the process (engine undercowl, valve covers etc). Not your usual cafe build, and that’s why we like it so much.

1978 Yamaha SR500 by Edwin Esparra

This stunning SR500 was Edwin’s first attempt at a bike restoration. And what a job he did! The tank, fairing and many other bits and pieces come from Omega Racer, but it was his passion and skills to fit everything together with such a great result. We love it!

Edwin: “Thanks Markus for the fairing, tank, advise and all the other bits to make it possible!”


Yamaha SR – Aluminium Fairing – Small 


Yamaha SR500 by Joachim Seidler

Joachim’s very shiny cafe racer is right up my alley. In fact, it reminds me of my own SR500 “Telos”. For his project Joachim got the tank and seat cowl combo from us, as well as both fenders and the top yoke. Outstanding bike!


Yamaha SR Aluminium Tank – “Telos” 


Yamaha SR500 by Guillaume and Ben Barras

From Hong Kong comes this Yamaha SR500, built by the brothers Guillaume and Ben Barras. For their build they’ve chosen one of our Norton aluminium tanks. Their creation even made it on BikeEXIF !

SR400FI by Erin Overcash

Erin used a number of Omega parts, including the tracker seat and the full scrambler exhaust system, resulting in this well balanced SR.

SR500 by Bob Smith

Bob just sent us these pictures of his SR with the new seat and Supertrapp Style muffler.
He also left a nice feedback for us:
Ordered Supertrapp style muffler and Café rocker V2 seat,
Questions were answered quickly and courteously. Ordering was easy, Postage was prompt and Items received within 14 days as expected. Goods were exactly as described and fitted well. Quality was good, Would certainly deal with this supplier again.

Yamaha SR Seat – Cafe Rocker V3


Yamaha SR400 by Carlos Rodriguez

Our Scrambler FI fitted on Carlos’ SR400. Perfect fit!

TT500 by Paul Miller

Paul’s TT500 is so gorgeous it got featured on BikeEXIF. We’re very happy for him and are proud to have contributed a little to his success by supplying him with our aluminium “Sport” tank.

SR400 by Daniel Hadorn

Just got this message from Daniel:

Location: Switzerland

Bike: Yamaha SR400

Owner: Daniel Hadorn

Project: In progress ( to be continued…)


Frontfender & Seat by Omega Racer. Thanks, this is great stuff!

Precise, short, to the point…Swiss efficiency :-)))


XS650 by Chris Greaves

Chris mounted our Triumph Aluminium Fairing on his Yamaha XS and we think it looks perfect! He also used SR400 speedo and tacho assembly, SR steering damper knob and modified a Triumph tank strap. The result is stunning.

SR400 by Simon Belcher

Simon asked us for a custom seat for his SR400. We obliged and supplied this seat. He loves it. We are happy. Life is good.



SR400 by Warwick Alderton

Here’s the finished SR project, brainchild of Warwick in New Zealand. He used one of our Tracker seats to complement the very clean rear end of his SR. Of course, it get’s Omega’s approval stamp. 😉

Yamaha SR by Stu Lloyd

Stu just finished building his SR and sent us a couple of pictures of his masterpiece. There is a LOT of work involved here and we absolutely love it!
For this project we supplied the fairing supporting brackets (Stu already had the fairing) and the Full Scrambler Exhaust System (Type 2). This is the definite proof that a scrambler pipe can look great on a racer too!


Christian Schwarzenlander contacted us April 2013 inquiring about Omega Racer supplying him with a custom fairing for an upcoming build. It was interesting for us as it was the first time somebody had asked for a fairing without a headlight cutout. After a few emails back and forth, the idea was set in motion.

He eventually went on to order an aluminium tank and a set of engine cooling fins with the fairing and we set to work.

Yamaha SR – Engine Cooling Fins 


Yamaha SR by Stu Lloyd

Some of our customers really go the extra mile to create something truly unique and outstanding. Stu’s Yamaha SR is certainly one of those bikes.

In fact, it’s so good that it’s been featured on Return of the Cafe Racers, detailing the whole story of this project. Check it out.

Our contribution was to provide the Full Scrambler Exhaust System (Type 2). Despite being designed for a scrambler type of bike, the exhaust is looking perfectly at home on a cafe racer t

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