How to Mount Clip-on Handlebars

A quick and dirty guide to fitting clip-on handlebars to your motorbike.

Fitting these clip-on handlebars is pretty straightforward and requires only minimal effort and a handful of tools. During the process, I also replaced my headlight brackets with our Daytona Style 35mm Headlight Brackets ones available in our store, and also fitted a steering stopper.

1. First of all, here are some ‘before’ pics to see where we are coming from.

Standard SR400 setup with nastly looking steering bracket and the standard handlebar.

Here's what we'll be fitting.

Well, all except for the manifold bracket, that is. A steering stopper, a set of headlight brackets and the clip-on handlebars.


2. Get your tools ready!

Seriously. Get them ready. It so much better than a half-finished bike waiting around while your rummaging through your toolbox looking for a misplaced socket. You'll need:

  • Set of Allen keys
  • Socket Set
  • Small flat-head screwdriver
  • Mallet
  • Some other stuff I've forgotten

3. Take off the headlight

This is pretty straightforward; just undo the bolts with a spanner and hey presto, or whatever.

N.B Don't lose the bolts.

4. Take off your seat and tank.

It's not entirely necessary, but if you slip and take a chunk out of your fuel tank paintwork, don't blame me!

take off handlebars

5. Time to get that nasty old handlebar off.

You'll need the Allen keys for this.

6. The next step is to get that old headlight bracket off.

There are 2 bolts to loosen as you can see in the pic provided.

7. Now we can get rid of those aesthetically displeasing handlebar holders

You'll have to get at them from underneath with a socket wrench.

8. Next you can start on getting the top yoke off

You'll have to loosen the 2 small bolts holding the fork legs in the pic.

... and then open up the big steering bolt in the centre of the top yoke.

... and then open up the big steering bolt in the centre of the top yoke.

9. You can now take off the top yoke.

You might need a mallet. Don't use a hammer.

10. At this point, you can now look into fitting the steering stopper.

I had a bit of a problem though; one of the bolts sheared, meaning I could only attatch one bolt. I guess I could have drilled it out, then cut a new thread with a slightly larger bolt, but the steering stopper doesn't take that much of a beating so one bolt seems fine.

11. We can now get those nice new daytona headlight brackets on the forks.

They just slide on. If it's a bit tight, you can try a bit of oil/grease/butter/lube/anything slippery you can get your hands on.

12. Then just slide the clip-on handlebars on.

13. And slide the top yoke back on over the top.

14. The last step... going around and checking for any fouling brake or clutch cables, as the distance they need to travel has been descresed with the new clip-ons. Make sure that nothing will rub on the tires, or touch the manifold when riding/steering.
You will probably have to adjust your clutch cable to account for the change. If so, first twist the adjuster until it offers the most slack available.

15. Then, on the left side of the engine, remove the sprocket cover to expose another clutch adjustment bolt.

Unscrew the larger bolt to unlock the screw adjustment in the centre. Adjust the clutch screw until the clutch biting point feels more optimal. Then tighten the larger bolt to lock the centre adjustment screw.

Once that's done you can go back to the top adjustment on the clutch lever and tighten it to further finalise your clutch biting point.

That’s it. All in all it should take you a couple of hours and you don’t necessarily have to be any more than competant with mechanics to putt it off. It took me 3 hours, taking it slow and with a few distractions.

The riding position is a lot more aggressive and it will take a bit of getting used to before you feel comfortable. I was a bit tense to begin with, but after a few trips I began to feel more used to the setup. You do feel like you are more determined when riding, leaning forward into the bike, and don’t be surprised if you notice yourself riding a little faster than you used to at times!

I’ll leave you with some final pics. If you do take on this job yourself, don’t forget to take pics and send them to us here and we’ll stick them on the site and our Facebook page.

The products fitted are available in these locations:

Don’t forget to take a look through our Yamaha SR Accessories page for some cool other additions for your SR, such as our compression release knobs, our SR, XT and TT oil filter covers, or even our beautiful SR Swingarms.
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