Double Oil Line Fitting Guide

HOW TO: Double Oil Line (KEDO)

The Double Oil Line from KEDO is supposed to improve the lubrication of the rocker arms and the valves, reduce engine temperature and valve noise.

The Oil Hose comes in two versions


I like the ‘Raceline’ version better and so that’s the one I installed on my own bike. The job is very easy and straightforward and takes about 15 minutes.

Here are the step-by-step instructions:

1. The original Oil line.

Only the rocker for the exhaust valve is directly lubricated.

2. Unscrew both screws for in- and outlet valve.

3. Unscrew this bolt too to completely remove the original oil line.

4. Mount the 2 new adapters using new aluminium rings.

Tighten with a torque of 15-20 Nm.

5. Now mount the new oil line using new bolts at the top and the old bolt at the crank case.

The line between the 2 bolts will bent slightly upwards. Use 2 new aluminium rings at each of the bolts. Tighten to a torque of 8-10Nm.

Use the old bolt at the crank case.

6. N.B. Never forget to de-aerate.

With the engine idling, first open lower hollow screw until oil dripping out, fasten screw, then same procedure with the two on top.

Final Fitted Double Oil Line

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