Kawasaki Customer Bikes

W650 and W800 owners showing off their custom parts from Omega Racer.

W800 by J. Millar

In Joe's own words......"Ordered a seat for my Kawasaki W800 and asked for some modifications to make it more of a bench seat. The communication was amazing and timely. Got the seat nicely wrapped and it exceeds my expectations! Highly recommend".

W800 by Rob Norton

Here is Rob's splendid W800 featuring our Peashooter Exhaust System (Type 2).


Kawasaki W650 / BSA 650 Look-Alike by John Bedson

A rather special bike today! Here we have a W650 nicely converted into a BSA 650. Admittedly, there aren't many Omega parts on there (front drum brake and a few other bits and pieces), but still...we're happy we could contribute a little to the realization of this labour of love. 

W650 by Paul Anderson

Paul liked our Vintage Scrambler seat, but preferred it with a black piping. We happily obliged of course and here is the result.

W650 by Max Ganderton

Max built this beautiful W Scrambler and chose our Vintage Scrambler custom seat to finish his creation. He asked for a different color and we were happy to oblige.

W650 by Jeff

Here's Jeff's W650 for which we made this very particular styled seat cowl. We think it matches extremely well with the bare metal tank.

Here is a very particular W650, brainchild of US based Elliot Wish.
Elliot got our "Original" aluminium tank but went a different route from most other customers. While most people cherish their polished alu tanks, Elliot decided to paint it. 
It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but we like it for its originality.

W650 by Jan Briza

There's a gorgeous W650 roaming the Czech countryside. It's unmistakable, because it has a unique sound and look. The look was created by Jan, the sound by us with our full scrambler exhaust system. :-)

W650 by Gerard Michel

Gerard opted for the minimalist look of our "Sport" tank to complement his radical W650

W650 by Richard Fricker


Here's the very happy and equally proud Richard, owner and creator of this superb W650. Richard wanted to build something very special and contacted us. We supplied him with the hardware (seat cowl, tank, fairing, fenders), but the rest is all his own accomplishment.
Congratulation for this outstanding bike!

W650 Special by Andre' Sakellarides

Andre' sent us this picture of his completed W650 Special. We helped him by providing the Mugello tank and this very special seat cowl. One of my personal favourites for its elegant yet aggressive lines.

Kawasaki W650 by Michael Oser

Michael used one of our custom made aluminium tanks (Brat) as the crowning finishing stroke to his build. We can't but approve!

Kawasaki W800 by Steve Z

Our customer Steve Z. sent us this picture of his stunning Kawasaki W800. It's a work in progress, sporting our "Original" aluminium tank and will soon have a brand new aluminium fairing.
We are looking forward to seeing the finished bike!