Triumph - Customer Bikes

All our Triumph owning customers showing off their custom parts from Omega Racer.

Thruxton 900 by Beniamino Finocchiaro

Beniamino was working on his dream bike Thruxton 900, but the one thing missing to complete his project was a suitable fairing. He got one of our aluminium "Thruxton" fairings and painted it. The result speaks for itself and we love it!

T100 by Christian Kaessler

Here is Christian's T100 with a brand spanking new JP Vintage seat. This is what he has to say about it: "


The seat looks awesome and the bike has improved a lot. I got a lot closer to where I want the bike. 

I will recomend your shop to all my friends. Great quality stuff. Cheers,"

Triumph ModernClassics - JP Vintage "Narrow Brat", Dark Rust, Heat Pressed (Diamond), Gel insert: Rider


T100 by Julian Cantor

Julian opted for a JP Vintage "British Monster" seat in Ruby Red color for his T100. A perfect match!

Street Scrambler by Don Waters

Don sent us a few pictures of his Street Scrambler sporting his new JP Brat Tracker seat. We wish you lots of happy (and comfortable) miles on it!

T100 by Lawrence Eaton

Lawrence just got his new 'Sport Duo' JP Vintage seat and he's very happy with it. We can see why! ;-)

Street Cup by Dominique Bouffard

Dominique fitted our Thruxton fairing on his Street Cup and painted it to match the rest of the bike. Perfect match indeed.

Thruxton R by Chris Kechagias

Customer's satisfaction!
Chris sends us these pics of his beautiful Thruxton R and his new JP Vintage seat (Rocker).
"Thanks guys.. jist received my seat.. looks awesome.. great quality and comfort with the gel inserts.."

Street Twin by Alex Parker

After some hiccups, Alex got the perfect seat he was looking for. The 'dark rust' color looks great with the dark grey tank!

Triumph Street Scrambler - JP Custom Seat "Brat Tracker"

  • JP color: Dark Rust
  • Pattern: Heat Pressed (Diamond)
  • Gel insert: Rider

Street Scrambler by Patrick Engel

Patrick just sent us this picture saying: "Looking forward to riding many hours on this beautiful seat. Thank you to all involved in making this product. Very well constructed and looks sharp." Thank you and enjoy!

Triumph Street Scrambler - JP Custom Seat "Brat Couple"

  • JP color: Dark Night
    Pattern: Plain (no pattern)

T100 by David Aston

David sends us this picture of his neatly customized T100. He used our MotoTrio shorty fenders and classic tail light.

NewT100 by Robert Tweedie

Robert sent us these pictures along with this great review. 

"I discovered Omega Racer on eBay and was impressed with their unique, high quality mods for my new Triumph Bonneville T100.
Even better for me, is that they are based in Thailand where I also live.
After Omega promptly answered my questions, I placed my order.
However, if you want some mods for your bike that are unique, then I highly recommend Omega Racer. Great quality and great pricing."

Thruxton 900 by Mark Lewis

Here's a very special Thruxton, built by Mark in the UK. He opted for the full monty and bestowed his bike with an aluminium faring, a "Thruxton" tank, side panels and a custom made seat cowl.
Mark: "Here she is, finally finished with a few extras like rear sets, shortie levers, drive chain sprocket cover and more to say I am thrilled would be an understatement, she’s turning heads wether they’re into motor cycles or not.
thanks for everything Markus"

Street Cup by Nobu

Nobu San says: Moto Trio side covers from Omega Racer perfectly fit to my brand new Street Twin.  They were delivered to my door in Japan within a week!  Good quality and excellent service - highly recommended!  Thank you.  

(Nobu from Tokyo, Japan).

Street Scrambler by Brendan Ethredge

How to make a Street Scrambler even better? Put a JP seat on it! ;-)
Brendan says: Glad I went with your Brat Tracker. Looks incredible and adds so much to the already stylish Scrambler. Awesome seat!

T100 by Anthony Grimaldi

Anthony needed a seat that would match his genuine leather side bags and accessories. He found it with a JP Vintage Brat Tracker seat in dark rust color.

A match made in heaven.

T100 by Hirokazu Mizukoshi

A beautiful T100 from Japan, sporting a JP Vintage "Step Cafe" in classic tan color and a MotoTrio rear fender in matte black.

Street Twin by Tony Valentine

Looking at this shot in front of one of Thailand's beautiful beaches, Tony is surely taking it easy and enjoying his new JP Vintage seat. 

Street Scrambler by John Gomez

"Thanks for a wonderful buying experience with your company." This and seeing that seat on your bike makes it all worthwhile. Thanks for sharing John.
(JP Vintage - Brat Tracker - Dark Grey)

Street Cup by Hideki Ohtani

Hideki sent us lots of beautiful pictures of his finished Street Cup using our "Thruxton" aluminium fairing. We had the hardest of times choosing only a few of them, because Hideki is not just a talented bike builder but an accomplished photographer too. I for one, can't stop looking at them...

Street Twin by Marco Torresan

Marco is very happy with his new Brat Tracker seat on his Street Twin. If he's happy, we're happy!

T120 by Jeremy Palmer

Here's a great example of how the JP Vintage seat (Step Cafe, classic tan, diamond stitch) nicely fits with the stock Triumph grab bar. The bike's a beauty!

Street Scrambler by Matthew Garthson

Matthew ordered a JP Brat Tracker seat and the Scrambler exhaust system for his 2017 Street Scrambler. He sent us this picture of his SS in its natural habitat. Omega verdict: terrific!

Thruxton by Christopher Fenner

Christopher mounted our "Thruxton" fairing and aluminium seat cowl on his 2005 Thruxton and sent us several pictures. Thank you Christopher, looks awesome!

Bonneville by Olivier Verzin

Olivier had a very clear idea of how his Bonnie should look like. We did our best to make his dream come reality with this custom made seat cowl and tank. 

T120 by Greg Mooney

Greg sent us this message along with a few shots of his shiny new T120.
I just wanted to let you know, that the beautiful Moto Trio gloss black side covers, for my Triumph T120, arrived today.. & they are fantastic..! Delivered to my door, in only 11 days, they are in perfect condition & are also very high quality. They look absolutely sensational, on my bike. Thanks again, for a fabulous product, at a great price.. & also for your great service & communication. (G.Mooney)

T100 by Mark Craig

Mark got one of the new Crafton Atelier seats and the MotoTrio front fender and installed them on his T100. This is what he told us:

"Received seat and fender in a week extra fast delivery Both products are great quality and give me the look I wanted for the bike. Will definitely be doing business with you again" 

Happy to oblige dear sir.

Triump Scrambler by Alfonso Roca

Josefina, named after Alfonso's mother who sadly passed away, just got kitted out with a JP Narrow Brat seat that looks the business.

T100 by Brian Warchol

Brian send us his feedback and a picture of his new parts:
"The 'Brat Seat and Rack' are both fantastic!  The side panels with venting really gives the bike the 'right' look- timeless."

Street Twin by Tom Marrone

Tom send us this very cool picture of his Street Twin, mounting the MotoTrio short front fender.

Triumph T100 by Ryan Norgart

Please admire this shiny work of art. Ryan already had an aluminium tank and a seat cowl, but was looking for a matching fairing. We were happy to oblige and the result speaks for itself. Great job Ryan!

Thruxton 900 by Tim Jeves

Tim proudly shows us his Thruxton with his new JP seat.

"Love love love the new JP Vintage Seat. Can’t be happier with the product or the customer service from Markus!"
Thank you Tim!

T100 by Landon Parham

Landon fitted a JP Vintage "British Monster" on his aircooled T100 and sent us some nice pictures as well as sparkling review, which we will frame and hang on the wall of success. :-)

The British Monster seat is outstanding! Just modified my T-100 with the dark rust color and could not be happier. The quality of the material, detailed stitching pattern, and sturdiness of the seat-base are second to none--and I am extremely, EXTREMELY picky when it comes to quality. Not only is the seat profile slimmer than the original on my Bonneville, it is noticeably more comfortable. My wife also commented on the comfort after cruising around for an hour. I have made numerous modifications to my bike and, for the money, I can say the British Monster seat from Journey Project has made the biggest impact to the looks and comfort. What you see in the pics is what you get. The dark rust color is accurate to what it shows online and, even for the competitive price point, I just don't see where you can go wrong. It leaves nothing to be desired. I am beyond pleased!

Thruxton R by M. Galinger

Matt added the MotoTrio side covers to his already gorgeous Thruxton R. Perfect fit!

Street Scrambler by Jason Moss

Another happy customer using one of our JP Vintage seats on his Street Scrambler.

"Hey Guys got the seat the other day, absolutely fantastic !! Looks and feels great !!! Thank you !"

Street Twin by Lars Svensson

Lars found in the JP Vintage seat the perfect complement for his very aggressive Street Twin.

T120 by Joshua Smith

Joshua opted for a nice JP Vintage seat "Step Cafe" in black to complement his matte black T120.

Triumph Bobber by Steve Thomas

Steve kindly sent us these amazing shots of his new Bobber fitted with our genuine premium leather side bag. Perfection!

Triumph T120 by Lionel Cosson

A truly remarkable T120 by our customer Lionel, who ordered a JP Vintage Sport Duo in black with dark rust seat partition to complement his beautiful build. Double thumbs up from Omega Racer!

Street Twin by Andreas Beeres

Andreas sent us this nice picture of his Street Twin with his brand new JP Vintage seat (Brat Style, dark rust, diamond stitching). He says he's extremely happy with it and spreading the Omega gospel to anyone asking about the seat. Enjoy Andreas

John Robinette's Street Twin

John got a JP Vintage Brat Tracker from us and he loves, loves, loves it. :-)
In his own words:
"I love, love, love my new Omega Racer JP Vintage Brat Tracker seat. It's comfortable, looks amazing and I've already put over 1000 miles on it. Thanks for the brilliant craftsmanship and great customer service."

Triumph Bonneville by David Mellor

David got one of our JP Vintage seats and is very happy about his purchase. "Hi Markus, I thought I'd send you some pics of the bike with your seat on it. Looks amazing, I love it!"

Triumph Bonneville by James Goodrum

James is modifying his Bonnie with subtle and carefully selected parts. One such part is the JP Custom Seat,  which he really likes, and so do we.

From James:

Hi Markus,
Thought I'd show you a few pics of the seat I ordered through you...thanks so much. It is really well made and has fantastic detailing. The spray and cloth were a nice touch as well. All in all, absolutely chuffed!
Best Wishes,