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  1. I just came back from a month long holiday in my home town in Northern Italy, where the mountains are high, the beer is German and the food Italian. I didn't put on 3kg for nothing, right!?

    As it so happens, I'm blessed with a bike collecting brother, who prefers to ride his jewels rather than putting them in his living room. Thanks Saint Christopher, he's also a very generous guy and let's me choose the ride for my holidays. This year I started off with his MotoGuzzi LeMans 850 Mk 1. 

    The LeMans is a nice all-rounder bike, sporty and yet comfortable, fast and yet docile. For me, the only limitation was the hard clutch. If you're not used to it, you'll have a painful reminder of your trip for the next couple of days. Not a bike for pussies, some might say....and some might be right.

    20140421_133603_lls 20140416_204553

    The original 'coffee racer'?



    My brother (left) and I with his darlings: Guzzi LeMans Mk1 and a rare Laverda SFC

    My next pick was my favourite. It was the bike that opened the gates of boxer heaven: ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Rolls Roys on 2 wheels...the almighty BMW R69S! What a lovely bike, so smooth you feel like floating above the road, enough power to comfortably take you to the steepest mountain passes and a riding position modern bikes know nothing about. Yes, I love it! Thanks bro!


    More sweet riding adventures coming soon!

  2. I'm pretty battered today due to some raw shrimps I had yesterday (Thai food....), thus plenty of time to write another blog post.
    I wanted to show the evolution my bike has undergone since I got it 5 months ago.Nothing too drastic, but noteworthy nonetheless. Let's see if I can manage to upload some pics...

    almost 32.000km when I got her...

    OmegaRacer Yamaha SR Beginning

     That's how she looked on our very first day.

    OmegaRacer Yamaha SR Beginning

    OmegaRacer Yamaha SR Beginning

    OmegaRacer Yamaha SR Beginning

    This little bugger gave me some sleepless nights grrrr...

    OmegaRacer Yamaha SR Beginning

    OmegaRacer Yamaha SR Beginning

    And I had to get a few spares to start off the customisation process :p

    OmegaRacer Yamaha SR Beginning

    and the result...

    OmegaRacer Yamaha SR Beginning

  3. I created this little blog as a tribute to my passion and love for the great world of motorcycles and as a way to promote the unique freedom that motorcycling can give.
    I'm the very proud owner of a 1998 Yamaha SR400 since February 2011. It was almost stock when I bought it but has since undergone a few changes. A new megaphone exhaust replaced the old battered one, a cafe-style seat, battery, gold anodized aluminium sprocket plus chain and some other bits and pieces were the first things I replaced.
    A problem I had from the beginning was that it was very loud...I mean, veeery loud! Some people don't mind having a thunderstorm under their ass, but I do. And I do care about having to give money to the police for that.
    So, that went on my to-do list.
    Another problem was that my bike would use far too much gas, indicating a very rich air-fuel mixture. Fortunately, my carb was pretty old and beyond repair and that gave me an excuse to get a very nice Keihin CR38 Special, much to my wife's despair. hehe
    Anyways, replacing the carb made a great difference and amazingly (for me) even solved the loud exhaust.

    My precious is still a work in progress and I just love dreaming up new ways to make it even more special.

    'Till the next one!